Complex to Polar Impedance Converter

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A calculator to convert impedance from complex to polar form is presented.

A complex impedance of the from \( Z = a + j b \) has a modulus given by
\( |Z| = \sqrt{a^2 + b^2} \)
and a phase
\( \theta = \arctan \left(\dfrac{b}{a} \right) \) such that \( -\pi \lt \theta \le \pi \)
The complex impedance in polar form is written as
\( Z = |Z| \; \angle \; \theta \) where \( \theta \) is in degrees or radians.

Use of the calculator

Enter impedances \( Z \) as a complex number of the form \( a + j b \) and press "calculate".
The output is the impedance in polar form with phase in degress and radians.

Impedance \( Z \) =   \( j \)

Impedance in Polar Form

Argument or phase in degrees:

Argument or phase in radians:

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